Company Name Bonnu Corporation Inc.

Location map
Head Office Nakamura building 3-1-7
Iwamoto-cho Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo Japan 101-0031
TEL: 81-3-3865-4781
FAX: 81-3-3865-4782
Kanto Factory 2079-1 Kaminote Tamamura-machi
Sawa-gun Gunma Japan 370-1127
TEL: 81-270-65-4781
FAX: 81-270-65-9010
  Since the establishment of business, we sell beverages of carbonated drinks and still drinks, fruit juice, coffees, and health care foods through wholesale dealers and own company route in Japan.
  We produce and export a lot of Private brand products for not only in Japan but also in abroad as well as our product sold in domestic.
  We develop and extend business to health / beauty food field by cooperating with companies in foreign countries.
  We will continue to develop the global products for customer needs and we support and contribute customer health care life.

Capital Yen 80,000,000-
End of Fiscal Year End of March
Chief Excutive
Yutaka Yamamoto
Towa Bank, Kiryu Credit Union, Gunma Bank
Daikyo Yakuhin Corporation
Main Clients Bonnu Franchise Companies, Kokubu Corp.,
Soujitsu Foods Inc., and others

1. Production and sales of carbonated and non-carbonated still beverage
2. Contract packing for private brand of carbonated and non-carbonated still beverage
3. Production and sales of healthy and healthy and Beauty beverage
4. Contract packing for private brand of healthy and Beauty beverage
5. Consulting of organic renovation for tast and flavor
6. Consulting of raw material for health care food
7. Development and sales of health care supplement and food
8. Sales of health care food and drink
9. Processing trade of drink and supplement
10. Import and export of health care food and drink
11. Development and sales of tablets and capsules
12. Construction, maintenance and quality assuarance survice of water filling facilities for bottled water

Arp 1982 Establish Yamamoto Bussan Corporation for capital \5,000,000
May 1983 Start to sale of Bonnu-C carbonated soft drink bottle product
Arp 1987 Establish Bonnu Corporationa Inc. for capital \80,000,000
Succeed main business of Yamamoto Bussan Corp.
Set up the main office in Higashikanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Oct 1988 Completion of Knato bottleing plant
Start to produce carbonated bottle drink
Dec 2000 Installation of hot pack bottling system
Start to produce non-carbonated bottle drink
Dec 2000 Authorization of ISO9001 Qualification
June 2003 Installation of hot pack bottling system
for large size bottle(500ml-1000ml)
May 2005 Installation of hot pack bottling system
for small size bottle(50ml)
Oct 2005 Organized the bottled water plant division
Start to sale undiluted mineral Concentrat
Sep 2006 Move the main office to Iwamoto-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

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