Bonnu corporation Inc. Kanto factory acquired the international guarantee of quality standard ISO9001 certification that is set by ISO(International Organization for Standardization) in December, 2000.
  This certification guarantees that quality control & assurance system of our company satisfies requirements of ISO9001 which given only the company which cleared the fair examination ISO set.
  Bonnu corporation Inc. keep on effort that our company can have higher confidence and satisfaction for customers.

¦What is ISO9001
  ISO is the quality system established by International Organization for Standardization.
  It is a guarantee of quality standard to evaluate regimes in each process such as development, design, production of products, safekeeping shipment.
  The examination Registrating Authority (a third party) examines, registeries, announces whether the quality system of a company meets it for the standard that it established by ISO9001.

yAuthorized contentsz
Organization Name Bonnu Corporation Inc. Kanto factory
Registrated Address 2079-1 Kaminote Tamamura-machi Sawa-gun Gunma Japan
Registrated Range ProductionEdesign of glass bottle carbonated and non-carbonated drinks
Objected Standard ISO9001
Registrated Number C00-973
Registrated day December 20, 2000
Organization for examinating Perry Johnson Registrars. Inc

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