We are the total support manufacturer for health and beauty supplement and drinks. We believe that we are the only manufacturing company what can support planning and suggestion on health and beauty supplement and drinks for customer satisfaction.

  Our compnay has unique P.B.supply system that we offer formulation, which contain health and beauty supplement and drinks for P.B. with original computer system. Our factory supports the raw materials (more than 1000 kinds), and various raw materials on coustomer's on-hand. We also can accept the product in small lot.

  Moreover, it is our significant technology for P.B. development that based on the requirement, ingredient development for beverage-use such as emulsifying, water-solubility, organic-improvement usually done by flavor and/or ingredient manufacturer.

  We can accept to produce into small bottle and large-sized bottle as well as plastic container. Also we produce the tablets and capsules and we accept canned drink, tetra brick, and pouch pack with any size.

  We can prepare several kinds samples within approximately 10 days with consultation. If you have any interests or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Available raw materials example Flows chart from presentation to manufacture Private bland specification

A,B,C series Acerola、Alfalfa、Agaricus、Aloe Bella Conc.juiceAcai-juice、AHCC、Arachidonic acid、Amazon-herb、Arginine、
Astaxanthin-emulsion、α-Carotene、α-Ripoic-acid、β-Carotene、Bean caper extract、Beer-yeast-extract(RNA:85%)、Blueberry、Bitter melon、Banaba-tea-extract、Bracket- fungus、Carrot-extract、CCP、Celenium、Chamomile、Cassis-Poliphenol、Chalcone、
Chlorogenic acid、Catechin、Capsaicin、Camomile、Cat's claw、Ceramide、Chitosan、Collagen、Colin、Chondroitin、Champignon、Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)、Creatine、Curcumin、L-Cysteine、
D,E,Fseries Deoxy-ribose、DHA、Elastin、EPA、Ellagic Acid、Eyebright、
Ephedra-extract、Ferulic Acid(emulsion)
Fukoidan(Nemacystus decipiens、Muco-Polysaccharide)-extract、
Eucommia ulmoides tea extract、Fig Juice、
Furmented-fruit-extract、Diet-hurb(citrus,choreus)、Dietary Fiber、
Dove wheat extract
G,H,I series γ-Carotene、Genin、N-acethyl-Glucosamine、Ginkgo biloba、
Gymnema Sylvestre、Garcinia、Leaf of a ginkgo、Ginger、Ganoderma、
Hyaluronic Acid、Hen of the Woods、Herbs、Herb-tea-extract、
Hesperidin(Vitamin-P)、Immunity function raw material、
Hydroxytyrosol、Isoflavone、 Indian-hurb、
Glutathione(yeastーextract)、Garlic Extract、
K,L series Krypto-xanthin-emulsion(Carotenoid)、Korean carrot、Lycopene
Lychee-seed-extract、Lignan、Linolenic acid、Lutein
M,O series Maca、Marigold-extract、Methionine、Matrimony Vine-extract、
Mesimakobu、Molokheiya、MSM、Mushroom extract、
Noni-juice、Nucleic acid、Omega fatty acid、Oligosaccharide、
P,R series RNA、Pahuia extract、Pine-resin-poliphenol、Pearl Extract、
Pro-Anthocyanigen、Placenta extract、Polyphenol、Purple ipe、
S,T series Salmon milt-extract(DNA-Na:90%)、Saponin、SOD-enzyme、Spice、
St.John's Wort、Turmerics、Saw coconut tree extract、Squalene、
Soybean extraction(Soy Lecithin)、Taheebo、Tea-extract、Theanine、
V,W series Vegetable-extract、Vinegars、Vitamins、Whey、Wolfberry、
White backed leaves(fern)、Xanthine-emulsion、Yacon、Zinc
Others Please contact us about fruit juice, extract, powder raw materials or pre-treatment-procedure of raw materials
Our original fruits juice applied for products Additional Quality Value:Chardonnay-white-grape、Cassis、
Chinese Quince、Cabernet Sauvignon-grape、black red currant、
Red-Raspberry、Pink Grapefruit、Muscat of Alexandria、Figs、
Blood-orange、Elder Berry and others
Health Purpose:Acerola、Blueberry、Prune、Cranberry、Kiwi、
Pomegranate、Splinter、Lemon-400GPL、Mangosteen、Rose hip、
Noni、Plum、Acai、and others
Other Juices:More than 40 kinds of severalーfold juice is available

The blue letter is our company recommended raw materials トップへ戻る▲

the Red letter is in charge of customers
the Green letter is in charge of our company

Step Processes Action
・Raw materials from plant
・Raw materials from animal
・Raw materials for diet
・Raw materials for supplement
・Raw materials for Nutrition
  and invigoration
Examining and choosing
  raw materials

Examining, testing, and
  deciding pre-treatment of
  raw materials

Examining of extracting,
  generating, stabilizing for
  raw materials
・Embodying characteristic of
・Choosing target of product
・Distinguishing from other
Collecting needs of market for

Collecting ideas of product
Examining evaluation of product
Examining prospects of product
・Suggesting and offering
  product's concept
Positioning product's concept
Deciding product's effect
Targeting customers
Adding value
・Designing of trial product
・Deciding of trial product's
Capacity, container
Taste, fragrance
The taste, color sense
Prescription making
Ssampling presentation
・Producing trial product
・Sampling trial product
Analyzing physical functions
Analyzing process of

Analyzing product's
・Testing product's condition
・Testing product's preservation
・Testing product's durability
Investigating Off tasting
Investigating Off coloring
Investigating Anti-microbe

Investigating ring, deposition
Investigating product safety
・Sampling trial product
・Researching marketing of trial
Collecting review of group

Collecting review of marketing

Collecting review of panel test
Collecting review of monitoring
・Reconfirmation effects and
  physiology for product
・Deciding product's plan Product specification
Product plan
Deciding container and packing
  of product
・Deciding production schedule
  and sale plan
Confirmating the production
  schedule and the sale schedule

Preparing and arranging raw
  materials and materials
・Establish, preparing and
  arranging sale strategy
Drafting the plan of sale tool
  and sale software
・Send in an application of P.B. Report and approval of peculiar
  number to public health center,
  each affiliate
・Production Guarantee of quality and
  quality control of
  raw materials, packing, and
・Guarantee of quality
・Confirmation of product safety
Produing, inspecting,
  safekeeping, confirming of
  shipment followed by ISO9001
・Shipping to customer Start to sale P.B. products


Container standard

Packing form
30ml glass bottle 10 bottles(small box)×6=1case(60 bottles)
50ml glass bottle 10 bottles(small box)×6=1case(60 bottles)
100ml glass bottle 10 bottles(multipack,shrink film)×5=1case(50 bottles)
110ml glass bottle 10 bottles(multipack,shrink film)×5=1case(50 bottles)
120ml glass bottle 10 bottles(multipack,shrink film)×5=1case(50 bottles)
145ml glass bottle 8 bottles(multipack,shrink film)×5=1case(40 bottles)
Large size glass bottle 200ml〜
Large size bottle(PET,PP,PVC) 300ml〜
(bottled)Can 100ml〜
Paper pack(TB・TBA・TPA・TR・TT) 125ml〜
Paper pack plus caps(Gable Top) 500ml〜
Cheer Pack[Pouch Pack or Aluminum Pack(Jelled drink)] 140ml〜
Other tablets, soft capsules, hard capsules, powderize


Please feel free to ask us about P.B.

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